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Membrane Stress and Bending Stress in 2D Analysis

    • Mert41

      Dear All;

      I am trying to make a vessel stress analysis. I can able to get solution with 2D axisymmetric model but when I add solution membrane stress and bending stress I am getting error. 

      In Analysis Setting > output controls > general miscellaneous > turned on also YES.

      Is it possible to get membrane stress and bending stress only for shell element? Is it not possible to get for 2D or 3D analysis?

      or Am I making some mistakes for analysis?

      I do not have too much experience for vessel analysis.

      All comments will be appreciated.

      Thank you Best regards.

    • peteroznewman

      A 2D axisymmetric model uses Plane elements. A 3D model uses Shell elements.

      A Plane element must be in the global X-Y plane. A Shell element can be anywhere in space and can be twisted, it doesn't need to be in a plane.

      The nodes on Plane elements only have two Degrees of Freedom (DOF): X and Y. The nodes on Shell elements have six DOF: X, Y, Z, RotX, RotY and RotZ.

      A Plane element in an axisymmetric analysis uses Normal Stress X for Radial Stress, Normal Stress Y for Axial Stress and Normal Stress Z for Hoop Stress. A Shell element can plot Membrane Stress and Bending Stress.

      It is not possible to get membrane and bending stress on a Plane element in an axisymmetric analysis.

    • Mert41

      I thank you Mr. Peter for the information.

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