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    • Isita


      I have been running simulations with quite large meshes with Fluent and Static Structural but in the second case I keep running out of memory... My Fluent model ~100 million elements mesh runs fine but a 25 million mesh in Static Structural generates a lot of files and runs out of memory. I was wondering:

      1. what is the difference between the solving methodology of the two modules?

      2. what are the files created in static structural (and why there is not just one .dat file like in Fluent)?

      3. is there a way to not have these files fill up the memory?



    • peteroznewman

      1. Structural uses the Finite Element Method, Fluent uses the Finite Volume Method.
          You can search on those terms for more information.

      2. That is just the way two different developers wrote their code.

      3. No.

      The bottom line is that both Structural and Fluid simulations run better on computers with
      fast clocks, many cores, lots of memory and lots of fast storage.

    • Isita


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