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Memory Error for Loop

    • lancelim


      I am running ANSYS via batch mode with a do loop.

      After every loop I have to clear the geometry and recreate everything.

      When the loops get too large I get the following error:

      "*** MEMORY ERROR ***

      The low level memory manager failed to return a valid memory handle for a free operation. 

      Pointer value: 984866781, Filename: ..srcCINT_Crack.cpp, Line: 167.

      It is likely that the code is calling for a free with a pointer that was not allocated via the memory manager."

      Is there a way I can free up the memory halfway through the loop?

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      Looks like there is a memory leak. Are you doing a "finish" and "/clear" at the beginning of each loop? Also may be you can create a dummy 'empty.db' with nothing in it and then resume it at the beginning of each loop?
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