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Memory Error When Saving the Project in ANSYS Workbench 18.2

    • Wantedmania89

      Dear All,

      Recently when I'm trying to save my ANSYS project on the 18.2 version I'm faced with the following error and the save process fails:

      "System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown."

      This never happened to me before while I've been working on the same version of ANSYS using Fluent for a long time now.

      I thought this is a memory problem, so I tried clearing unused RAM, restarting ANSYS Workbench, or even restarting the computer with no success!

      Did anyone encounter such an error before or knows some solution to it?

      Thanks in advance,



    • JakeC
      Ansys Employee

      That error could be caused by a few different things.

      1) You could be running out of memory, as the error states.  If possible try opening the project on a machine with more RAM, make a change, and resave. Try and close down as much as possible, and watch the memory usage in task manager to see if it approaches the limit.

      2) If you are saving the project to a network drive, please try saving it locally instead, and please be sure there is 2x the amount of disk disk space to complete the save.

      3) Possible corruption in the project.  I would suggest making a copy of your project, open the copy, delete a single system one at a time and try resaving after each deletion.  This may reveal a corrupted system.  You may also be able to duplicating a corrupted system and see if it gets re-written properly.  Worst case, you may need to rebuild that one system.


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