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    • Francesca_Pistorio

      Hello all,

      I'm doing a simple static analysis of a structure with electromechanical coupling and I'm using ANSYS APDL. I attach an image of my model for a better understanding. The central plate is meshed with shell elements, while the four beams are meshed with beam elements, as well as other structures connected to the central mass.

      The problem is that, ONLY when I apply a force with an higher value, I obtain this error:

       *** WARNING ***       CP =  36.984 TIME= 17:18:55

       There is not enough memory for the Sparse Matrix Solver to proceed in the in-core memory mode. The Sparse Matrix Solver will now restart using the out-of-core memory mode.           

       *** ERROR ***       CP =  38.750 TIME= 17:18:56

       There is not enough memory for the Sparse Matrix Solver to proceed.  

       This is likely due to the use of pivoting while factoring the matrix.  

       Please increase the virtual memory on your system and/or increase the  

       work space memory and rerun the solver. Alternatively, using the   

       DSPOPTION command to switch to a different memory mode and/or to   

       specify additional memory for the solver may also help. The memory  

       currently allocated for the Sparse Matrix Solver solver = 159 MB. 

      I use a PC with 8 GB RAM, Processo: Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-8550U CPU @1.80 GHz 1.99 GHz.

      Reading some discussions on the forum, I think that the problem is linked with the poor RAM capability and with the fineness of the mesh. I can't make my mesh less fine, I've tried but my results are inaccurate (it's due to the physic of the system which I am simulating).

      Now my question: Is there a way to solve this problem?

    • peteroznewman
      You used the Direct/Sparse solver. Try the Iterative/PCG solver, it uses less memory.nI recommend you increase the RAM in the computer to the most that the motherboard and your budget will allow.n
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