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General Mechanical

MEMs micro-mirror simulation

    • Abhijit abhattacharya


      What will be the best Ansys solver or method to simulate & extract "Quality-Factor" of a MEMS micromirror structure (clamped double-sided at its shorter sides and the actuation mechanism is electrostatic).

      Kindly share your comments/suggestions and if some documentation or tutorial-examples available.



    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      The only thing that is perhaps a bit similar and that might be of some help, is an example in our help manual (Coupled field analysis – electrostatic-structural section) .

      It is called:

      2.4.8. Example: Electrostatic-Structural Analysis of a Micromirror


      2.4. Electrostatic-Structural Analysis (



    • Abhijit abhattacharya

      Thanks, that helps. 

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