Merge bodies so there are no Contact Regions

    • cmoreno98

      Hello everybody,

      I have the following mesh of a T-junction:


      There are a total of 4 solids and 3 contact regions between them. When I export the mesh (.msh file), these contact regions are treated as boundaries and I don't want them to be boundaries. I want the whole T-junction to be a single body (just inlets, outlet and walls as boundaries).

      Is there a way to merge the 4 solids (once the mesh is done)? Or to eliminate the contact regions? Sorry if it is a simple question, I'm new to ANSYS. I'm using ANSYS Workbench Academic Student 2019 R3.


      Thank you beforehand,


    • peteroznewman

      Open the Geometry in DesignModeler. In the Outline on the left, at the bottom, you will see 4 Parts, 4 Bodies and the four solid body icons at the end.

      Select all four bodies, right mouse click and Form New Part.  Now it will say 1 Part, 4 Bodies.  This is now a multibody part and the mesher will use shared nodes at the three interfaces to connect the elements in a conformal mesh.

      Refresh and update the Mesh.  In Mesh, under the Contacts folder, delete all the contacts.

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    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      here is link about share topology. 




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    • cmoreno98

      It works!

      Thank you very much.

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