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Merging two .cdat file together in CFD post

    • Fika Moktar

      I have run my transient simulation with 1000 time step and save all those time step under .cdat file to be able to be processed using CFD post. Today I add another 5000 time step in continuation to previous calculation (did not reinitialized). However when i opened the xxx_6000.cdat file it was missing the first 1000 data. how do i ensure that it reads all 6000 timestep and not just the 5000 timestep that i compute later. Is there a way of merging this two files in CFD post? 

    • CFD_Friend
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Fika,

      Does your problem involve any transient mesh( any mesh motion involved)? Usually, this only happens with transient mesh motion runs.

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