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Mesh adaption aspect ratio

    • Lugia_06

      Hi everyone,

      In another post previously(https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/21666/mesh-adaption-by-aspect-ratio-field-variable#latest), I was asking if there is any way for mesh adaption to only reduce the aspect ratio in some area and the answer was anisotropic adaption, however, the ansys anisotropic adaption only limited to 3D tetra mesh.

      Is there any alternatives for 2D anisotropic adaption in Fluent? All I need to do is just changing the aspect ratio in the outlet cell zone, but the mesh module always gives unstructural mesh either around the corner of the outlet orifice or far back at the inlet zone. I used face meshing for the whole geometry and edge sized the outlet bit, could anyone explain why the quad mesh disabled at the orifice fillet and how I should fix this issue? From the look of it the edge sizing at the outlet should not be related to the orifice right?

      Outlet element size 9e-6 m in x direction

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Hello, nAt the moment, there is no alternative for a 2D anisotropic adaptation. nCan you please insert an image of the model with labels to better understand the last part of your question? Thanks. n
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