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Mesh Connection Group_ Parts seems disconnected after analysis

    • MFilipe


      I have modeled this structure and use mesh connection group to connect the different parts mesh. After running static structural, the parts seem disconnected! How can I solve this problem? 


       The deformation is large compared to the model bounding box.  Verify boundary conditions or consider turning large deflection on.  Refer to Troubleshooting in the Help System for more details.

      One or more MPC contact regions or remote boundary conditions may have conflicts with other applied boundary conditions or other contact or symmetry regions. This may reduce solution accuracy. Tip: You may graphically display FE Connections from the Solution Information Object for non-cyclic analysis. Refer to Troubleshooting in the Help System for more details.

    • MFilipe

      Mesh Analisys



    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      First, run a Modal Analysis to check if all the parts are connected well with mesh connection and contacts. Use the same boundary conditions except for the forces in your static structural model. If you see zero frequency modes, that will indicate problematic parts. Check the contacts and mesh connections there to rectify the same and then run the same model in structural analysis.


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