Mesh control in ansys electronics desktop?

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    • Anders Kjaer

      Is there anyway to decide the element type in AEDT, particularly maxwell?
      No matter what I do, I can only mesh with triagonal elements in 2D or tetrahedral elements in 3D. I tried creating a mesh  file using hypermesh 2021, but i can't even figure out how to import the mesh.
      I've read somewhere that you can use Ansys workbench, but as I don't have a license for that, that is not an option. 

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Anders,

      You can not change the type of mesh elements. But you can always refine the mesh using the initial mesh settings and other mesh settings available.

      You can import the mesh from one Maxwell to another Maxwell model provided the geometries are the same.




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