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General Mechanical

Mesh details for following model for accurate results

    • sujeth

      I tried to mesh this model and gave element size as 10 mm & transition as slow & span angle as fine. Then the meshed model had huge no. of element around some 80 lakhs and couldn't able to solve.

      Please provide me some meshing ideas and details to reduce my element size without compromising the accurate results.

      Do I have to scale down or something else?

      Also what elements to use kinda details.

    • Vigneswaran Sridharan
      Ansys Employee
      Hey You could use linear/higher-order hexahedral elements for sweepable bodies. This should give you comparatively lesser elements and good accuracy.
      Check out this video on Analyzing thin Strucutes efficiently
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  • sujeth
    Yes using this video I created mid surface for the 3 bodies but the circumferencial and helical ribs alone I'm unable to select a pair of offset faces.
    How to select this to obtain shell elements?
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