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Mesh Display Style


    • Deniz Orta


       I am trying to create a mesh in the "body color" display style, but it does not appear in the options. What is the problem or what can I use instead of it?

      Thank you!



    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Deniz Orta,

      For viewing mesh with the body color display style, the following steps might be helpful. Please do check the image too which highlights the steps.

      You might want to change the Color for the respective geometry from the 'Graphics Properties' section of the 'Details' window.
      On meshing the geometry, you might see the default color.
      You can also change the color to the respective setting by going to the 'Edge' section of the 'Display' Tab and selecting the 'Color' option.
      There you can set the color according to the mentioned options and check the mesh.

      Hope this helps!

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