mesh error

    • robert wang

      I use Spaceclaim to set my geometry.  After "Generate the Surface Mesh", the flat plate parts such as endplates have mesh errors and the wings disappear.  I have tried with and without Add Local sizing and tried to use share topology but have had the same error in all.   

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      I assume you are using watertight workflow.

      Please check geometry in SpaceClaim. 
      Select geometry in structure tree --> Use right click --> Select Check Geometry. (Or Tools - Fault Detection in DM)
      The geometry should be error free to proceed. 
      If geometry has any errors, please modify/recreate geometry at those places. 

      Try to split any highly curved face into more number of faces. 

      Please make sure that you define correct sizing. 


      Please go through help manual for more details 



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