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General Mechanical

Mesh error after setting up composite in ACP pre

    • Dioser

      Hey everyone,

      I am using Workbench with ACP pre to set up composite material, stackups and directions for an aircraft structure, as shown in the pictures below. For reference, I used this great tutorial from YT, just adapting the methods to my problem:

      ","embedType":"youtube","name":"Composite Wing Analysis - Ansys ACP and Mechanical 2020R2","frameSrc":""}">
    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee
      Check the units in ACP and also Mechanical
      Also check the units in the project schematic:
      Did you assemble meshes in Static structural system? Try using a new static structural system and send the mesh from ACP. See if it fixes the issue
      If not, your project may have corrupt data that could be causing this issue

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