Mesh failure for watertight geometry

    • fotopoulosapos

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to simulate a f1 car. I followed for the most part the Aerodynamics of an FSAE Car Using Ansys Fluent .  I cleaned the geometry, spaceclaim and solidworks thought that the geometry was good, without errors, but when I tried to generate the volume mesh an error occured, caused by gaps on the geometry. I located the problem below(you can see the problematic area, literally two faces cause the problem, one belongs to the chassis and one to the side wing) and tried to solve the problem. I tried a finer global mesh, lowered the local sizing to 0.1, I also tried to delete the face and recreate it with the missing faces command, or combinations of things to make the geometry simpler, but nothing seems to work and unfortunately I cannot even delete the geometry in spaceclaim. I am out of ideas, so I would like your help. Thank you in advance 

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please check geometry in SpaceClaim. 
      Select geometry in structure tree --> Use right click --> Select Check Geometry. (Or Tools - Fault Detection in DM)
      The geometry should be error free to proceed. 
      If geometry has any errors, please modify/recreate geometry at those places. 

      Please split the faces at that location and then check different sizes at that location.

      If this does not help, split the geometry around that location and try to mesh only that small part to come up with correct sizing or solution. 



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