Mesh fluid out of solid CAD-data which fully surrounds fluid Domain


      Hi and hello to everybody I am new at this forum and also new at using ANSYS Fluent .


      I would like to generate a fluid mesh out of a solid geometry. The solid geometry fully surrounds the fluid volume.

      A former collegue told me that he generated an already existing mesh that way, but I can not reach him now.

      Is anyone familiar with an Option like this?

      A very simple example for this can be seen in the attached Picture. There is a cylinder which has a hole in it. The idea is to mesh the inner "hole" of the cylinder without generating the volume in CAD.

      Of Course it is very simple to generate the inner volume (=fluid volume) at this example, but in my Task geometry is very complex and boolean Operations to extract fluid volume do not work in spaceclaim, design modeler and Creo.

      Also the extracting volume Option from spaceclaim does not work proper on that complex geometry.

      Thanks for any help.

      Best wishes Bernhard







    • peteroznewman

      Hello Bernhard,

      You can try the Fluent Watertight Meshing workflow. That allows you to specify the caps on the solid that defines the fluid volume without creating the fluid volume first.

      Here is the Fault Tolerance Workflow video.


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