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mesh generation error, semi elliptical crack, workbench

    • Benedikt Huber

      i am investigating the stress intensity factors of unilaterally welded fillet welds. A weld root crack is investigated, which runs at 45° from the weld root. The semi-elliptical surface crack function is used. The entire body was meshed with tetrahedral elements.

      Unfortunately, an error message appears stating that the crack cannot be meshed. This is probably because the crack does not start at a surface, but at the edge / transition surface between the weld seam and the sheet metal.

      How can the crack be modelled correctly so that meshing and calculation is possible?

      The following crack parameters are used:

    • David Weed
      Ansys Employee


      The semi-elliptical crack is not suited for this kind of placement. You can try using an arbitrary crack as it is allowed to span multiple faces and be inserted along edges. Also, a premeshed crack would work in this scenario as well.

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