Mesh Independence Study

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    • sapkotadpak


      What is the best way to perform mesh independence study after generating mesh by using Fluent with Fluent Meshing?

    • SRP


      1) Run the initial simulation first on your original mesh and check that the residual error has converged, the monitor points are stable, and the imbalances are less than 1%. If not, repeat the mesh refinement process.

      2) Refine the mesh globally such that the cells are finer over the entire domain after your initial simulation has satisfied the above convergence conditions. In general, we would strive for a mesh size that is about 1.5 times the initial mesh size.

      3) Compared to the numbers monitor points values from both the mesh. If they match initial mesh was accurate enough to record the outcome. If not, re-fine the mesh

      Thank you

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