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Mesh Independence Study Polyflow

    • Julen

      Hello Everybody,

      I need to do a mesh independence study for my simulation. I've seen many very helpflul tutorials online on how to do it with Ansys Fluent, and I think I understood fairly well how to do it there. My problem is that those tutorials don't fully transfer onto Polyflow.

      What I'd like to do is to Graph the Outflow Temperature against the number of elements without having to run multiple simulations by hand. The way I understood it works in Fluent is, that you can use parameters for the element size and number of elements and then change some settings in the Fluent Solver itself to recieve the wanted outcome of those parameter variations. I can't seem to find that sort of setting in the Polyflow Solver.

      To clarify, I understood how to choose and vary the parameters in the meshing application and in the Ansys Workbench itself, its just the Outflow Temperature that I am missing.

      Thanks in advance!


    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      Check out Chapter 34: User-Defined Templates (UDTs) in polyflow docs. You need UPDTs.

    • Julen

      Thank you very much, I'll check that

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