Mesh Issue

    • SagarZalavadia

      What can be done to avoid the below error?

      Mesh requires attention.
      1. The source mesh cannot be correctly copied to the target surface. This might be because the surface is a closed surface with degenerate points.

    • peteroznewman
      These holes look like they are unimportant to the fluid flow around that body. Unimportant details should be removed from the geometry before creating the fluid domain. It is very easy to delete faces in SpaceClaim. There is even a selection method that will select all holes of the same diameter with one click. nThat geometry looks like it is the solid body in a fluid domain. Did you create an Enclosure body to represent the fluid domain?n
    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      The question is under fluids. So we assume you want to mesh fluid volume. nPlease create fluid volume first. nPlease check nOnce you get the fluid volume, please simplify it like removing those holes etc. nThen proceed to meshing. If you want to mesh for structural analysis, please create a post under preprocessing or structural mechanics category. nRegards,nKeyurnGuidelines for Posting on Ansys Learning ForumnHow to access ANSYS help linksnn
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