Mesh only viewable as wireframe in Fluent

    • rachels1001

      Hey guys,

      I'm kinda stumped on a basic problem. I created an essentially 1-D mesh, of a single pipe. This is just a proof of concept before a larger simulation. The simulation is 1-D, with quadrilateral mesh elements. The mesh was fine, and said that it imported into fluent correctly; however, when I imported it into fluent, it is viewable only as a wire-frame, not the opaque surface that you would normally see [see below].


      The mesh imported without warnings and no errors pop up when I check the mesh. The mesh volumes are basically what I would expect when I check the mesh. I have tried playing with the lights and viewing options, but I can't make the surface opaque. Did I import the mesh wrong, or is this just a superficial issue? 

      Sorry for the basic problem, it's just bugging me a bit. 



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's 2d, so there are no surfaces as such.  What do you expect to see? 

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