mesh orientation in solar model

    • alperen sevinc


      We are conducting an analysis on solar still. We consider the gravitational direction as -9.81 in the Y direction. The geometry and coordinate axes are as shown in the figure.

      1) What should be the mesh orientation? There are different opinions in the literature. I am asking this question to make sure.

      2) For transient analysis, what should be the time step size and the total duration of the real analysis, and what do they depend on?

      I would appreciate your assistance.

      Thank you.

    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello alperen,

      1) I would recommend you to use this orientation for the solar model.

      2) For a transient analysis with a flow that must be calculated transiently: Make sure that a particle can be seen 10-20 times from inlet to outlet. Example: A 1-foot pipe with flow moving 1 ft/s needs a time step of between.05-.1. A solid in motion may also be a driving factor for a time step size.


      Chaitanya natraj

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