Mesh piston/cylinder

    • Giacomo

      Hi Guys! i'm try to create a mesh of a 2d engine, in which i have a simple cylinder and a piston, so two surface. I manage to do the mesh only for cylinder, because next i will do a dynamic simultion. My problem is that i don't want to make another mesh for piston because this will be my moving front, but if i don't do this, ansys detect it as an error. So my question is: there is a way to go on without meshing a surface or i have to delete the piston surface and preserve only its boundaries as moving front?

      thank you 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Assuming you're using Fluent (it helps if you state which solver you're using) then you need to assign a moving wall to the surface (edge) that represents the piston.  There are several threads on Moving Deforming Mesh on here, along with tutorials on here, YouTube & (possibly) under Help in R19.

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