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Mesh problem

    • ma.e.ebol

      Hi Good day,


      I would like to ask what is the problem of MESH "multizone blocking decomposition failed"?

    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello THPAL Engineering ,

      The MultiZone mesh method provides an automatic decomposition of geometry into mapped (structured/sweepable) regions and free (unstructured) regions. It automatically generates a pure hexahedral mesh where possible and then fills the more difficult to capture regions with unstructured mesh. These meshing operations work in the background of ANSYS AIM.

      But there are some limitations to this meshing, stated in MultiZone Limitations and these limitations might result in an error as you have encountered. There is a discussion in this thread related to the issue you are facing, which you can refer.

      It could help if you could split your geometry(volume) in a way such that mappable blocks are created. You can refer to the troubleshooting methods for Multizone mesh.


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