Mesh quality is not good with inflation layers

    • Hqureshi7

      Dear Experts,

      I have created a mesh of fluid domain around turbine in design modeler mesher CFX. I have not applied inflation layers around the blades and hub. The mesh quality as SKEWNESS shows maximum value of 0.85 as shown in the images attached.

      But when, I apply inflation layers around the blades and hub, the quality of mesh decreases and inflation layers produced are not of good quality.

      Please help me on this. 


    • Hqureshi7

      Inflation layers using first layer thickness as:

      But the quality of mesh is bad:

      Please help me experts.


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      min orthogonal quality should be above 0.1. 

      check for inflation

      for quality check 

      also search community. you will find plenty of posts on inflation and quality. 




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