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Mesh refine for topology optmisation

    • fbaa21

      Fo topology optimisation in Discovery, I assume the meshing conditions are assigned to a solid before optimisation? Is there a way for me to carry out Top Opt with my own defined mesh condition? (Unrelated question: Is the topology optimisation tool available in Ansys Mechanical 2021 for students?) Thank you!

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Farhana Aziz

      Topology optimization is available in Discovery Explore mode.
      Explore mode uses a meshless technology, a voxel based approach to simulation. 
      Refer this page for more information What simulation technology does Ansys Discovery use in Explore mode? 
      Although, after the Topology Optimization is solved, the result geometry can be saved as a faceted geometry/ .stl

      For queries on other of Ansys products or student version of Ansys products, please post them on Ansys Customer Portal or Ansys Learning Forum  respectively.

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