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3D Design

Mesh refinement

    • Sushil Sharma

      I import a .cdb file from APDL to the workbench containing my geometrical and mesh details. Now, I assigned loads and other boundary conditions for transient analysis in the workbench. Now the model fails to converge. I tried different options in the time step setting but have yet to get the solution. I want to refine the mesh in the problematic area, but the workbench doesn't allow me to edit the mesh (mesh and geometry are imported from the .cdb file). Is there any alternative way to refine the mesh in the workbench? I tried to insert the Nonlinear adaptive region option, but it's inactive in this case. What may be the possible solution options to solve the convergence issue?

      Thank you

    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sushil,

      Although refining the mesh is one of the solution in dealing with convergence, it doesn't help everytime. Convergence is model specific and following the warnings and errors from the solver output will help in debugging the failed solution. Look out for those error messages, you might find an answer already in the forum discussions to overcome those errors. If you don't find any, post your screenshot here.



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