• srinath

      Hello Everyone,

      I am dealing with the rotation mixer where I have to simulate the flow analysis of two or more substances, more likely I have to dissolve and mix the reactions.

      The rotation mixer contains of a fluid zone of 18mm (Dia) with the 7.6mm length and a impeller blade which rotates clockwise direction with speed ranges to 200 to 300 rpm.

      My main role on this project is to test the flow simulation with water and other liquids to identify the design and impeller flaws. To do that 1st I have reconstructed the design as per the raw file and created a fluid domain around the blade and then I have used Boolean option to subtract the impeller from the fluid domain. This way when I applied mesh it is improper with lot of elements. If I am reducing the elements mesh quality is getting even worse.

      I have even slice the model to 3 pieces but result is as same as it was together.

      I think I am doing wrong in doing slice and have no idea how to do the perfect slicing the model.

      If you can help me with slicing and making this model little simpler and giving the idea of hexa mesh it would be great helpful.

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Srinath,

      You will find some helpful information here and some more here.


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      Peter has given very useful links to you. Please go through them. 

      Also looking at your model, it looks like it would require some decomposition for hex mesh. So please go ahead with tet mesh. It should be good start. 



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