• Mdijo

      Im using ANSYS R1 2019 version to simulate fluid flow. How do I indicate both the fluid and solid part on my geometry? Also how can I know the right meshing parameters that are needed for the mesh. Please help me as Im a new user and have no background on simulation.

    • peteroznewman

      Please describe the fluid flow you want to simulate. Insert some images of the geometry that defines the fluid cavity.

      Are there two fluids, such as air and water with a free surface between them (more work to simulate), or is there just one fluid?

      Is the fluid on the inside of the solids (like a pipe) or on the outside (like a wing)?

      What do you know about the fluid motion?  The inlet velocity or inlet pressure?

      If the solid part doesn't move, then you don't actually need to include the solid bodies in the simulation (unless there is heat transfer).

      There are tool in SpaceClaim to extract the fluid volume on the inside of a solid body that has a fluid cavity. There are tutorials on that in the ANSYS Help system that came with your installation of ANSYS 2019 R1. 

      Are you on the free Student license?  If so, consider installing ANSYS 2019 R2 as it has a new User Interface and you may as well learn the new one as the old one since it's all new to you anyway.


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