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Meshing for a micro-perforated plate

    • Lumisade Snow

      Hi all, I am trying to model fluid flow across a perforated plate of hole size order 10^-1 mm, but meshing is taking extremely long, like more than 12 hours... Is it normal? Or it there a faster way? Like I want to see the fluid strucutre interaction that occurs when fluid flows through the holes. Many thanks in advance!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's not, but I don't know what the hole size is relative to the domain. An 0.1mm hole will want 15 or so cells across to get the flow field right, but if your domain is at the cm scale the cell count could be rather large. Similarly, if you use too many local sizing constraints the mesher will need to work out how to meet all of these requirements. 

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