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Meshing for propeller (MRF)

    • krndv


      I am trying to simulates a mixing tank using MRF, by considering a 60 degree wedge with periodic BC. The propeller is made as a thin surface and made it in to single part with MRF region in DM, so that it will be meshed and read in FLUENT. But by doing this in the MRF region sweep mesh cannot be used.

      How to solve this issue? 

      If I give thickness to the propeller and made it in to solid, MRF cannot be applied due to solid region inside fluid zone. OR I have to make propeller also fluid zone?


      Thank you

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Nothing stopping you using a tet mesh in the mrf zone & elsewhere. 

      If you give the impeller a solid you can set that as moving, or just remove it when meshing: no need to mesh the metal bits in most cases.   There's a mrf tutorial included in the 2019 documentation, click on "help" in Fluent and you should find it. Can't remember if there's still one in meshing. 

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