Meshing of thin stiffened shells

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      i want to make a Comparison of different stiffened shells. I got my boundary conditions working, but I am wondering about my simulations solutions. I want to generate a simple mesh wich i dont have to change for each designpoint of the stiffened version, it is for a prepreliminary design. The cylinder is 13m long and has a radius of 0,75m, wall thickness is between 0,2mm to 3mm. The different stiffners are up to 20mm deep and 2/3 mm wide. I tried to use sweep method and capture proximity(3 Gaps, proximity min size 0,06mm), because i have to check the buckling behaviour under bending. I got this ideas from this post:


      My problem is, that the nodes and elements are way to many and my solution is not working because of this. Esspecially when i try to produce 3 elements over the wallthickness my mesh is not going to be generated. It stucks by Initializing 100/100

      If possible, i would linke to solve a solid body, because I vary my geometries a lot during the testing ans wrote a couple spaceclaim scripts to get my stiffened shells(6 Variants).

      I hope some of you have an idea, i need them...

      best regards



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