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Meshing Operation got stuck

    • DivyajyotiBasu


      I am doing 3D analysis of a multibody part of 3 bodies. I meshed the bodies separately with specific methods, upper body as Automatic, middle Hex Dominant and bottom Automatic. Because Hex Dominant gives a more structured mesh I decided to change the bottom meshing to Hex Dom but when the meshing operation is processing it is stuck for two days showing some initial progress at a message "Updating Mesh database". This message appeared after the initial dialogue box where it shows the progress of meshing for each part had completed.

      I would be grateful for any help regarding this. Thanks in advance, Cheers!!

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      If you are using CFD as physics preference, please do not use Hex Dominant method.
      Please use pure hex by using Sweep method. Or you can use tetrahedron with inflation.
      Please see help manual for more details about these commands.
      Regards Keyur
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    • peteroznewman
      When meshing for CFD analysis, never, ever use Hex Dominant mesh method. That method should only be used for Structural analysis because all the interesting stress is on the surface where that method gives a nice structured mesh. But that method trades that beautiful surface mesh for very ugly element shapes inside. While that is a good trade-off for structural models, it is a horrible trade-off for CFD analysis, which requires good elements shapes everywhere.
      The best way to get a good structured mesh for CFD is to split the body into six-sided solids.
    • DivyajyotiBasu
      Thanks very much for your responses which indeed are really helpful. I see Hex Dominant is a very wrong choice for CFD. I will change it as per your suggestions. Cheers!!
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