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Meshing problem cylinder

    • LeaG


      I am trying to mesh this membrane that you can see on the picture. It has 8 little cylinders on the sides and one in the center (radius 2um).

      As you can see the meshing is not symetric, thus when trying to get the modal response of this membrane, it is not the response expected.

      I am using a sweep method with the source selected as the top face of the membrane. There is also an edge sizing with 12 divisions on each little post.

      On the 2 following pictures, you can see that the mesh is different around the little posts.

      Does anybody happen to have an idea of the mesh parameters to change to have the same mesh around each little post?

      Thank you!

    • peteroznewman

      Hello LeaG,

      I suggest you open the geometry in SpaceClaim, make 4 planes through the center between each leg and slice that up into 8 segments. Go to the Workbench tab and click the Share button to have the mesh be connected at the nodes on the cut planes.

      If this is a thin membrane, did you consider using a surface and shell elements instead of sweeping solid elements?



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