meshing problem

    • omiduga


      I have a problem with the simulation of a high Q resonator in HFSS.

      I assigned one port to the exciter to see S11 value.

      I did length based meshing on the resonator.

      1- When I choose the adaptive meshing's frequency to the resonance frequency of the resonator, it gives me a different response of S11 than when I choose the highest frequency in the adaptive meshing's frequency.

      Which response is true?!!!

      2- When I decrease the mesh size in the length based meshing, it changes the resonance frequency!!!!

    • 3Asif

      Hi Omiduga,

      I see that you have another question on the resonator. Please see the other answer as well -that will give you insight why the higher frequency mesh is not always the better choice. (in single sentence: you need to have enough power to calculate significant delta in S)

      1. For frequency selective application like this one, it may be better to go with resonant frequency than a random higher frequency. (e.g. Meshing 2.4GHz resonator at 50GHz may not be a good idea -the mesh can get too relaxed in adaptive passes)

      2. Length based: the length based one has the risk of having lighter mesh in the places where you need it. And, you carry the risk of having less than required mesh density.

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