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Metal foam mesh

    • luishernandez19

      Hello, I have tried to mesh this geometry in every possible way. I have used different qualities of mesh and it always throws error at me. I did around 10 simulations with different test tubes with different porosities and this is the only one that won't let me mess. Nor do I observe errors in geometry. Any help would help me a lot! I leave the link of the geometry in case someone wants to test, it is a script. Cheers!!


      "A software execution error occurred inside the mesher.  The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of usable memory."

      "The mesher restarted at a higher relevance in order to achieve a successful, quality mesh."



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It tends to mean you've got a small gap or angle somewhere that's causing the mesh to over-refine.  How big is the domain? I can't tell if the comma is replacing a decimal point. 

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