MHD module on Fluent – How to link magnetic flux and electric potential ?

    • Pierre1802

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to simulate an arc plasma welding process on Fluent with the implemented MHD module. I already read the MHD tutorial. 

      In models>MHD model I have the choice between Magnetic induction and electric potential to solve current density, but by choosing one method or another I have the feeling that magnetic flux and electric flux are not linked. Is that feeling true or just a bad understanding from me? Is there a way to link them without any additional UDF?

      I am using a 2D axisymetric model. 

      Moreover I know that in "Comsol multiphysics" there is an imaginary variable named "gauge fixing for A-field" to enable axisymetric simulation. Do you know if there is something similar in Fluent ? 

      I'll finish by dealing with the electric potential block from Fluent. I had the idea to active this block from models>Electric potential in addition with the MHD module with magnetic induction to resolve both field. I thought that I could linked both with UDF, do you think that this is compatible ? 


      I hope that I was clear, thank you in advance for your answers.


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