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Midsurfaces and share plane is not working on my model

    • Muhammad Tahir Faris


      I am trying to simulate a wing using ACP by making foil of composite material and rib and sides or other materils while doing so. I am unable to make and shareplane option which ultimately fails my simulation please help.

    • peteroznewman

      In System A, which is ACP (Pre), I found that the units are set to meters while Systems B and C are set to millimeters. This causes the 0.4 thick plies from system A to be rendered at 400 mm thick in System C. This mistake is not causing the simulation to fail, only to give the wrong result should it solve.

      Open the Geometry cell B3 in SpaceClaim. Go to the Workbench tab and click the Share button. That will cause the tube and the rib to share nodes were they intersect. Without shared topology, you would require a Contact to be defined between the tube and the rib in System C, but shared topology is superior.

      Once you have made the corrections above, open the Model cell of system C. Under the Connections folder, insert a Connections Group. Select the 2 ribs and the wing surface as the Geometry Scope. Change the Auto Detection to set Edge/Edge Yes and all others to No.  Right click to Create Automatic Connections. Now you will have two Contact Regions that connect the wing to the ribs.

      In the image below, I added a Standard Earth Gravity as the load.

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