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Missing alternating stress mean stress under engineering data

    • nrj0025

      I have recently downloaded Ansys and was trying to do some static structural analysis on Nitinol SMA. I couldn't find nitinol as a material in the database so I have been trying to follow a tutorial that I had found for implementing nitinol data to create it. But the tutorial requires adding alternating stress mean stress data but I seem to not have that as an option under the life tab when creating new material. So I was wondering if there is an option to add it or if it is an option that is lacking in the student version of Ansys.


    • Karthik R


      Moving this question to the Structural Mechanics page in the hope that your question finds some visibility.

      Thank you.



    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee

      Hi nrj0025,

      Here is the SMA material reference:

      Can you please explain what alternating stress and mean stress is and why they are needed to define SMA? I don't recall an SMA material model need such information. Here are the inputs needed for Shape memory effect. If you are to model the superelasticity, then you need a different set of inputs. 






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