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Missing fields solutions in optimetrics


    • Giorgio Bonomo

      I am using Ansys Electromagnetics Suite Release 2022 R1 (Build 2021-11-22).

      After completing an analysis with a frequency sweep, i try to do an optimetrics sweep over a post-processing variable. When setting up a calculation (Setup Sweep Analysis -> Calculations -> setup calculations) I can select only one frequency (34.5GHz).

      Optimetrics calculation setup

      However I am sure that there actually are field solutions saved at multiple frequencies from the last performed analysis. I can check this in the fields calculator:

      fields calculator

      Why does the frequency selection look that much different between the fields calculator and the optimetrics calculation?


      Thanks for your help


    • Karthik R

      Hello Giorgio,

      We are responding to your question here. 
      Missing fields solutions in optimetrics (ansys.com)

      Thank you!


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