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    • skallu20

      Hello, I am trying to simulate condensation on surfaces using fluent. I have been experimenting with the wet steam model, but whenever I try to visualize liquid mass fraction in CFD-Post, the variable is unavailable. I have tried to alter data file quantities to include mass fraction, but even though it is selected, the data is not available. I have also tried to save data files for this variable and load them in, but they only display one timestep for mass fraction. Is there any way to remedy this? Thank you! 

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      i assume you have transient simulation files. 

      make sure that all files are in the same folder and named correctly in sequence. 

      read the last time step .dat file with case file. 

      please check help manual for reading files in CFD-Post. 




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