Mixed boundary condition for a wall with heat loss

    • Magyar03


      I would like to simulate a room with a radiator (the heat source) and a wall (where there is a heat loss). I think I have to provide "Mixed" boundary conditions for both of the wall and the radiator, because i need the radiation and the convective part of the heat transfer. I would like to provide the same heat performance for them, positive for the radiator and negative for the wall to reach the balance. But when I set up the wall bpundary conditions I can't define any heat performance of the wall (for simplicity the wall has no thickness).

      Does anyone know the solution?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you mean a domestic heating system you can probably ignore radiation as it's not very warm. You can then use a heat flux or temperature boundary on the radiator.  For the wall you may want to rethink exactly what you're setting as it'll have a thickness then an external temperature. 

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