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MMF Distribution in Planar Transformers

    • hkanakri

      Can you suggest a method to calculate and plot the MMF (Magnetomotive force) in planar transformers (for each individual layer), similar to the results shown in the pictures below. 




    • Timos
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, you can calculate the magnetomotive force of the magnetic circuit by drawing a line in the middle of the magnetic flux path and integrating H along it. This can be done in the Fields Calculator in the following way:
      1. Choose Quantity > H
      2. Select Geometry > Line > your_line
      3. Choose Vector > Tangent
      4. Select Scalar > Integrate
      5. Add > H_dl > OK
      This process will give you the MMF for the path you have defined. You can repeat this process for each layer of your planar transformer to get the MMF for each individual layer. Please note that this method is based on the assumption that the magnetic circuit is in 2D XY. If your transformer has a different configuration, you may need to adjust the method accordingly.

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