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Mobile workstation for SpaceClaim


    • southtech.gliwice

      Hello everyone!

      I'm thinking about buying a new mobile workstation for my SpaceClaim. Currently I'm using 'ordinary' notebook with 16gb of RAM, Geforce 840M and i7 4510U. In general it is quite good piece of hardware and CAD works fluently, but when it comes to things like pulling 1000 of small holes at once the software just freezes. Or when I have like 100 contstraints in one model it is slowing down significantly.


      Anyway - I'm aiming for a Dell Precision 15,6" FHD workstation. Apart from things like hard drive, wireless card and other things I'm not 100% sure what to choose in terms of hardware. I want fast and reliable configuration, but I don't want to overpay and get things I will never use in their full capacity.

      I was thinking about:

      1) 32 gb of ram (or maybe 16gb will be sufficient?);

      2) 256 gb ssd

      3) Nvidia Quadro - but which model? Is the P600/P520 going to be enough? Or should I definately pay more and get higher model?

      4) i5 or i7, but I'm not sure which one AND which model.


      So, anyone willing to help a bit? I'm not presenting my budget, because hardware prices in Poland may be different than in other countries, so I don't think it's necessary.

      Best regards,


    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Pawel Ramian

      Please check out the Hardware Requirements from below link, if you haven't done so.

      Hardware Requirements

      As far as the specifications are concerned, I will leave it for the users on this forum to comment on who would be often handling geometries with similar complexities.

      In addition to SpaceClaim, if you would like to consider using Discovery Live in near future, you may want to go for a minimum 4GB Nvidia graphics card.

      • southtech.gliwice

        Naresh Patre Thank you. I've found some sustem requirements for SpaceCaim, but not from your link.

        I probably won't using Discovery Live in the future, because I'm not dealing with any kind of calculations. Just 3D modeling, however sometimes I work with bigger models with many constraints or - as I mentioned before - I have to make big patterns with multiple holes etc. and often I need to modify them.

        So in terms of GPU it would be wise to buy at least Quadro P600/P620. What about CPU? Does it make any sense to pay more for i7 instead of i5, or in this case it will be wasted money?

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