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modal analysis for a conical shaped water tank

    • harsf


      I need to do a modal analysis for a conical shaped aluminum water tank. I have 19R3 version. The fluid structure interaction didn not work along with the acoustic body. Acoustic free surface and acceleration also did not work too. I need to do the modal analysis. can someone help?





    • Mauro


      you did Modal analysis which supports only structural bodies, for tank filled with liquid you should be doing Modal Acoustic analysis instead which supports structural and acoustic bodies. Apply Physics region on tank and Acoustic region on Liquid volume, make sure to delete viscosity from liquid material properties.

      Make sure to insert Fluid Solid Interface on Liquid volume, so interactions between tank shell and liquid are also considered. I would also recommend modelling tank with surface elements (Shell elements in Ansys) instead of solid 3D; it will save you a lot of trouble with meshing, analysis will be quicker and more accurate.

      It should look something like on this picture.

      I hope it helps,



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