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Modal Analysis of a Monocoque Course Troubleshooting

    • AeroMike

      Hello. I'm currently taking the course "Modal Analysis of a Monocoque" and I'm encountering some difficulties. I'm running the simulation on 19.2 release. Please refer to the tutorial videos featured in the course to understand my issues. 

      First of all, I can't manage to transfer data from ACP(Pre) to Static Structural as the mentor does in "Physics Setup - Lesson 5, Setup the twist test". Secondly, in Ansys Mechanical I get a yellow warning stating "Two or more remote boundary conditions are sharing a common face, edge, or vertex. This behavior can cause solver overconstraint and is not recommended, please check results carefully. You may select the offending object and/or geometry via RMB on this warning in the Messages window".

      Can someone help me please? I'm willing to provide more info on request. Thank you.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee



      If the results look fine then you can ignore the warning. The following may explain the cause of the warning:


      one or more mpc contact regions or remote boundary conditions may have conflicts… (


      MPC Contacts in ANSYS - Yes or No? - FEA Tips



      Ashish Khemka

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