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General Mechanical

Modal Analysis of Motor

    • Cheerla_ganesh

      Hi all

      I'm running a modal Analysis, I have fixed at some bolting locations where motor is mounting, i have extracted 10 modes

      but my first mode i was getting 0Hz.

      In the motor i have modelled bearing by adding Stiffness using contacts.

      But why first frequency is 0 HZ

      Could you please help me in this

    • jonsoln
      A 0Hz mode means rigid body motion. You need to double check your connections and boundary condition. The deformation plot should show you which part and in which direction it is moving.
    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      Thanks ! You are absolutely right! Animating first mode deformation results along with the details will provide which body is underconstrained.
      Please see if the following course is useful to you:
      Topics in Modal Analysis - ANSYS Innovation Courses
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    • Cheerla_ganesh
      Thanks a lot clearing the doubt,I have got the result

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