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General Mechanical

Modal analysis on static structural results: deformed + prestressed

    • StefvanH

      Dear all,

      I am studying a flexure joint and I am interested in the Eigen frequencies when the mechanism is deformed a certain degree.

      To do this, first I conduct a static structural analysis with large-deflection on. This deforms the mechanism and calculates stresses.

      Next I perform a modal analysis on the results from the static structural. In the results from the modal analysis, the flexure joint seems undeflected... Results do change if I change the amount of flexure joint deformation in the static structural analysis, so I am confident that the modal analysis takes the right results (both deformed geometry and prestressed material).

      Does anyone know how to visualize the mode shapes on the deformed geometry? Currently the mode shapes (undeflected flexure) do not correspond with the frequencies (deformed flexure).



      Ps. Attached you find how I coupled the modal analysis to the static structural.

    • omerfrkunl
    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello StefvanH,

      Found one more add on link for your reference:


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