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Modal Analysis Rigid remote point degree of freedom selection

    • Eldor19

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to model a RBE2 connection in a Modal analysis. I have a surface which I want to stiffen up using a RBE2 element. I am doing this with a remote point in the centroid of the surface, whose behaviour is set to rigid. 

      So basically my goal is to reduce the 3 translational dofs of each node on that surface to 6 dofs of that remote point. That why I set everything to 'active' in the dof selection dropdown . 

      After that I am exporting mass and stiffness matrices of the model.

      However when I then inspect the mapping file of the matrices I see that there are no 'ROTX' and 'ROTY' equations generated even though the dimensions of the matrix are reduced as expected e.g. dimensions_after_RBE2 = dimensions_before_rbe2 - 3*num_nodes_on_surface + 6.

      Furthermore I noticed, that changing 'active' to 'inactive' settings in the DOF selection menu, does not change the dimensions of the exported matrices as it should in my opinion.


      Can someone guide me in the right direction as to what could be the problem here?


      Best regards, 


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